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Waymere Stud believe the dam has an 80% influence on the quality of stock produced and each year we carefully study the mares in relation to which sire is best suited for coverage. Prominent bloodlines carried by the mares inc: Kirkbys Stud Wallaroo, Blue Moon Mystic, Elliotts Creek Cadet, Dimray, Reality, Abbey, Cecil Bruce, Rivoli Rex, Regal Rivoli, Romeo, Doc's Argyle and Acres Destiny.

Broodmares Include:

wales-Rosealei_smal.gif Kyles Gypsy Rosealeigh (Gracefully Retired)
(Elliotts Creek Cadet/Abbeyx2)
Lightly shown to success and drafted.

Dam of:
Waymere Inspector
W.Oaks Cando
W.Oaks Real Deal
W.Oaks Roseate
W.Oaks Romance
W.Oaks Revision
W.Oaks Ridgy Didge
W.Oaks Rolex

Waymere Silouette (Deceased)
(Kirkby's Stud Wallaroo/ granddaughter of Cecil Bruce) Performance mare in all fields of ASH competition. Owned & promoted by Emma Nash (Vict).
wales-silouette_smal.gif Dam of:
W.Oaks Identity
W.Oaks Style
W.Oaks Sequel
W.Oaks Enterprise
W.Oaks Shilo
W.Oaks Spartan
W.Oaks Objective
wales-rumour.gif Waymere Rumours (Deceased)
(Kirkbys Stud Wallaroo / Thoroughbred mare) Retired due to illness.
Dam of:
W.Oaks Gossip
W.Oaks Repeat
W.Oaks Reveal
W.Oaks Remington
W.Oaks Royale
W.Oaks Romeo
W.Oaks Rhaigo
W.Oaks Riverdance
Waymere Oaks Ladel
(In Foal to Ima Smoothe Blue Cat)

(Oaks Ebony / Trewarric Lady)
Picture to come Dam of:
Waymere Lil Doll
Trewarric Lady (Deceased)
(Yallatup Rivoli Rex/Great grand daughter of Cecil Bruce)
wales-lady.gif Dam of:
W.Oaks Legend
W.Oaks Ledger
W.Oaks Liquer
Waymere Lyric
W.Oaks Legal
W.Oaks Legacy
W.Oaks Leonardo
W.Oaks Leisure
W.Oaks Le'Star
W.Oaks Ladle

Waymere Oaks Roseate
(In Foal to Ima Smoothe Blue Cat)
Oaks Ebony / Kyles Gypsy Rosealeigh)

Young mare by Oaks Ebony retained at stud for breeding purposes to Waymere Inspector and any outsourced stallaions

Picture to come Dam of:
Waymere Rose
Waymere Rosa Belle
Lass.jpg Indra Lass (In Foal to Oaks Ebony)
(Glen Lee Rivoli Hawk / Indra Lrs Laurin)
Lass was recently purchased from the Toowoomba ASH Sale. Lovely big quiet mare standing approximately 15.2hh. Carries bloodlines: Rivoli Ray, Kelray and McCarthurs Reveille.
Dam of:
Waymere Lieutenant
Waymere Lattitude
Waymere Venus (Retired)
(Kirkby Stud Wallaroo/Mortendale Skye) Venus was retired to stud due to injury, however has produced quality progeny
Waymere-Venussm.jpg Dam of:
W.Oaks Vinyl
W.Oaks Vision
W.Oaks Vogue
W.Oaks Vanessa
W.Oaks Venetian
W.Oaks Velocity
W.Oaks Ventua

Waymere Catwalk (In Foal to Oaks Ebony)
Catwalk was broken in and then retired to stud, her sire is by the well performed "Docs Spinifex" and her dam is the exceptional well performed mare "Waymere Model"

Dam of:
Waymere Cruise
W.Oaks Collette
W.Oaks Contessa
W.Oaks Corset

W. Oaks Cascade

Waymere Errisistable (Now Deceased)
Dam of:
Waymere Erinn
Waymere Prado
Waymere Precision
W.Oaks Phoenix
W.Oaks Pandora
W.Oaks Playboy
W.Oaks Picasso (final)
Nandye-Locketsm.jpg Nandeye Locket (In Foal to Oaks Ebony)
(Ocean Wave (Reality and Elliots Creek Cadet) / Penta Cameo (grand daughter Elliots Creek Cadet)
Young mare, broken in at stud due to other commitments)
Dam of:
W.Oaks Lockout
W.Oaks Lochlan
W.Oaks Lace
W.Oaks Ladonna
W.Oaks Lolita
Waymere Oaks Savannah
(In Foal to Ima Smoothe Blue Cat)

Oaks Ebony / Garthown Savannah (Regal Rivoli)
Young mare by Oaks Ebony retained at stud for breeding purposes to Waymere Inspector and any outsourced stallaions
picture to come Dam of:
Waymere Seduction
Waymere Manoeuvre (Deceased)
(McNamara Reaction (grandson Warrenbri Romeo) / Waymere Steel Magnolia (grand daughter Reality)
Young mare, broken in and at stud due to other committments
Waymere-Manoeuvresm.jpg Dam of:
W.Oaks Monarch
W.Oaks Miranda
W.Oaks Moxette
W.Oaks Magnitude
W.Oaks Madison (retained at Stud)
W.Oaks Moscato

RoseBrook Wren (In Foal to Clarkes Stud Review)
Coolum Arrow (Ocean Wave) / Rosebrook Whisp (Rosebrook Shantung)

Picture to come Dam Of:
W.Oaks Wish
W.Oaks Watch-Out
Waymere-Modelsm.jpg Waymere Model (Now Deceased)
(Kirkbys Stud Wallaroo / Ivanhoe Manequen)
Due to Models extensive show & performance career, she only had two special ones:
Waymere Modeum
Waymere Catwalk
Acapella (In Foal Oaks Ebony)
(Nandye Resistance (Resistol - Seventy Seven Revenge) / Kamilaroi Sequin (Kirreway Windsong)
Owned by Emma Nash
picture to come W.Oaks All That Jazz
W.Oaks Cover Girl

Yallatup Libby (Retired)
(Kirkbys Stud Wallaroo / Warrigal Creek Gippy (Dam: Yallatup Candy)).Proven broodmare of quality performance stock

wales-libby.gif Dam of:
W.Oaks Latex
W.Oaks Label
W.Oaks Levita
W.Oaks Lakota
W.Oaks Liberty
W.Oaks Laiyla
W.Oaks Lilly
W.Oaks Lexus

"Dandilla Morning Mist" - Sire: BLUE MOON MYSTIC Dam: Dandilla Rowena. Purchased at Toowoomba Sale 2012.

DSCF0226.JPGDam of: Waymere Mystery, W.Oaks Special Edition, W.Oaks Flashdance, W.Oaks Magneta &
W.Oaks Must-Be-Magic

"ManyRivers Namoi" - Sire: ACRES DESTINY Dam: Arundle Opal. Purchased 2017.